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Black Grapes Book cover by Author Eva Maclean

Effie Watson thinks she's made it when she marries into the Fincham family. But Fawcett Hall has a dark past.

When the killings start, DI Miranda Murphy has to find out what really happened ten years ago.


Rush hour. A packed tube station. A body on the tracks. Looks like accident or suicide. Because who would want to kill a man who was already dying?

Florence Weaver is making a career for herself as an influencer when her father's death throws everything into disarray. But is Florence just a bereaved daughter or is she involved in some way? When a second body is found, Detective Inspector Miranda Murphy will have to penetrate the often-murky world of social media to find out.


A young man sitting dead in an armchair.

A series of creepy love letters.

A body in the street.

And one person linked to all of them.

Sophie Carter is a young woman with problems and discovering her flatmate dead in suspicious circumstances is just the latest blow.

But things are about to get a whole lot worse. When more bodies are found, Sophie finds herself coming under suspicion and it will be up to DI Miranda Murphy to find out what's really going on.


What do you really know about your neighbours?

Probably less than you think.

When Adam and Rebecca move into Windworth Road, it looks like a quiet place to live. Too quiet, as far as Rebecca is concerned. Expensive houses, elderly neighbours, all very respectable. Not much happening.

But all is not as it seems. A number of people are harbouring secrets and the new arrivals set off a chain reaction that brings things into the open.

A fortnight later two people are dead, and Detective Inspector Miranda Murphy will have to uncover what was going on behind the civilised façade of Windworth Road.


Killing Time is a novella, a prequel to Black Grapes. It recounts the shocking events which led Miranda Murphy to join the police force.

Retirement can be deadly…

A vicious poisoning. A group of old army mates. A serial killer on the loose?

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Image by Susan Q Yin


Eva Maclean read her first Agatha Christie (Death in the Clouds) at age ten and has been obsessed with detective fiction and writing ever since.  After a past life as an accountant, she is finally doing what she wanted to do in the first place.

Eva lives in London with her husband and two cats, her children having grown up and made good their escape.

Her favourite living authors are Kate Atkinson, Donna Leon and Mick Herron. The dead are too many to count.

Image by David Dibert


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