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Retirement can be deadly…

A vicious poisoning. A group of old army mates. A serial killer on the loose?


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DI Miranda Murphy

Effie Watson wanted a rich husband and she found one in Hugo Fincham, a lawyer and vineyard owner.  But less than two years later Effie called her friend Olivia and told her that she thought her husband was trying to kill her.

Because marriage to Hugo had drawn Effie into the orbit of a wealthy, dysfunctional family with a dark secret at its heart.

When the killings start, DI Miranda Murphy has to find out what really happened ten years ago.

DI Miranda Murphy


Rush hour. A packed tube station. A body on the tracks. Looks like accident or suicide. Because who would want to kill a man who was already dying?

Florence Weaver is making a career for herself as an influencer when her father's death throws everything into disarray. But is Florence just a bereaved daughter or is she involved in some way? When a second body is found, Detective Inspector Miranda Murphy will have to penetrate the often-murky world of social media to find out.

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